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Xtreme North Packaging Specifications

Increase your production and extend the economic life and recoverable costs of your equipment by avoiding cold weather related problems through the life cycle of your project.

Our fully enclosed, insulated and heated packages are perfect for cold weather environments around the world. Buildings are spacious, well lit and grated walkways allow maintenance performance inside, in comfort.

Project Cost Reductions
  • Reduced on-site supervision and inspection
  • Reduced head office project management and expediting
  • Reduced materials procurement and coordination
  • Transportable modular structure
  • Single source quality and design responsibility
Significant Time Reduction
  • Reduced field construction time
Significant Risk Reductions
  • Reduced weather related delay and downtime
  • Faster commissioning
  • Safety (construction and ongoing)
Additional Benefits
  • Significantly reduced foundation requirements
  • Built in noise attenuation, greater control
  • Spill containment

Interested in learning more? Download our Xtreme North Presentation or contact us to determine your specific requirements.