Compass Compression Fabrication Facility Calgary, AB
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Vision, Mission & Values


To be the trusted and preferred supplier in our industry.


Start with a strong foundation - the best people in the industry: We recruit people with integrity and strong capabilities.

Build on that foundation: Our management team has been selected based on our values, which is at the core of our hiring practice.

Do the right thing: Easier said than done in the project world but Compass employees know this approach will always be met with support.

Safety: We work in an industry where accidents can cost lives. We are continuously investing in the safety of our people and workplaces.

Environment: Our core business serves the natural gas sector which provides a cleaner, abundant and economic fossil fuel option. Our products and services are designed to meet or exceed environmental guidelines.


Integrity: Compass Compression conducts business honestly and respectfully.

Trust: Trust is earned and it underpins every successful relationship. We strive to build this trust with our employees, customers and suppliers.

Capability: Our people are experienced, qualified and capable in their field. They have a desire to expand their expertise and Compass is committed to supporting that initiative.