286 HP Reciprocating Compressor Package
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Compressor Package Rentals

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We have a fleet of stock equipment and quick delivery standard units available on a rental or rent-to-purchase basis. With our in-house expertise, we’re able to quickly modify the equipment to meet the performance requirements of your application.

Renting gives you the opportunity to exchange your equipment over the life of your projects in order to optimize your production and operating costs. Purchase options are available with short or long-term contracts.

When you decide to rent from us, you can expect;
  • Full engineering and technical support - from performance runs to troubleshooting
  • 24/7 response and an extensive critical parts inventory to minimize downtime
  • Warranty on new, stock and previously rented packages
Our Rental Fleet Includes
  • Reciprocating compressor packages (84 - 2,370 HP)
  • Rotary screw compressor packages (60 - 1,650 HP)
  • Vapor recovery units (VRU)
  • Electric or gas driven
  • Horizontal separator / blowcase packages
  • Sweet or sour gas designs
Preventative Maintenance

We have designed a preventative maintenance program to compliment our compressor package rentals. This program includes all preventative and corrective maintenance, field service calls, equipment overhauls and cost of rental return, giving you total control of your equipment cost.

Not sure if purchasing or renting is the right option for you? Contact us.

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