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Compressor Packages For Every Application

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Standard Packages

We offer a full range of standard reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane compressor packages (5 HP - 2,370 HP), and have significant resources in house to engineer customized solutions (up to 8,000 HP). To ensure our products are the most reliable in the industry, we are licensed by industry leading manufacturers including Ariel, Caterpillar, Frick, RoFlo and Waukesha.

Reciprocating Compressors: ArielDrivers / Engines: CaterpillarScrew Compressors: Frick Vane Compressors: RoFloDrivers / Engines: Waukesha

Our standard packages offer you cost effective, proven design, quick delivery solutions.

Custom Packages

Our custom packages offer you flexibility, tailored engineering & design for any application, from your smallest project to your largest and most complicated project.

  • 5 HP - 8,000 HP
  • Ideal for your larger horsepower and non-standard applications
  • Engineered and designed to meet your specific circumstances and specifications
  • Custom solutions available for many applications including; Acid Gas, Enhanced Recovery, Fuel Booster, Gathering, Gas Lift, Gas Processing, Overheads, and Pipeline
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